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How to get episode free passes without waiting

How to get episode free passes without waiting

As you know, getting to get episode free passes needs a long wait. Many players are very unhappy with this, it can be understood from their feedback.

Here are some of the reviews:

- Episode is fun and addicting. I love it and would recommend it to anybody who likes to read and anyone who likes to make choices. The most addicting me I've ever had. The on my problem I've ever had was that the passes take too long to regenerate. But you can win passes and gems with the quests or I they just give them to you for a reason. You can also buy them if you'd want to. Other than that, I've never had any other problems. Yous should check it out right now! Thank you Episode Interactive!

- I sent screenshots of my 2 payments and they still didn't credit back my purchases. I paid 9.99 for unlimited passes. And i paid the 9.99 for 188 gems and still nothing. I did this dor my daughter and she was so excited and then no one fixed the issue. My issue still didnt get fixed my mom sent what was asked and they just kept the money and didnt credit anything

- The graphics in the stories are exceptional I love how you get to choose your own paths and decisions. Fantastic game, keep it up! The only problem I have is that you have to wait for quite some time to get passes and for some choices, you need quite a lot of gems.

- Overall, I love having these stories to read! Players write so well, and have so many topics. It's a great community! However, the ads sometimes glitch and won't let you start a new chapter/episode. And, the length of episodes vary so waiting on passes can be annoying. Other than that, I read often!

- Great game! But the reason why I gave it 4 stars is because of the glitches that happen at most of the stories. (Idk how to explain this but hopefully you'll find it out) and also it says "now you get four passes every four hours but for some reason mine just gets four passes only on one time, but in the next four hours it doesnt. And also, can you add the "free gems" part thingy where you watch an advert for one gem please? It would make it alot easier to get gems. Thanks!

It's fun and addictive, the passes take WAY TOO LONG to refill though, some options requires a highly amount of gems. Which is kind of hard since you only get one gem per episode. Please work on that.

I would give this a much higher score if i didnt get the same sponsor ad to play twice before each chapter i read. This game relies heavy on buying in-app purchases (gems and passes).

It is for these reasons that a group of enthusiasts have developed a tool through which players can get episode free passes.

Here are some more reviews from the official page of the episode on Google play:

I love this game, very nice addictive stories. I agree with what most of the reviewers, the passes takes too long to recharged. Plus the adds are so annoying, each time an add appears. Other than that it's a nice way to read.

I just dunno what stars should i give, i actually enjoy the game so much but also suffering bcz of it. This game just like trying to steal all of your money or make you waste lots of money for playing it. Please update with better feature to be able to earn passes and gems for free, bcz its just asking to much money and give nothing in the beginning. Really appreciate it if you could fix this.

That's all I wanted to show you today.





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