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Pokemon Quest Free Expedition Pack

Pokemon Quest Free Expedition Pack

How to get Pokemon Quest Free Expedition Pack

To get the Pokemon Quest Expedition Pack for free, you need to use the guide to get the Expedition Pack. Hyde Pokemon Quest will also help you get free PM Tickets.

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Playing the game Pokémon Quest. Play with friends in Pokémon Quest you are waiting for expeditions to the island of Tumblecube, get ready to look for new pokémon. Change your pokémon with Power Stones, thus you create the best team of pokémon.

Pokémon Quest is a cute dice style game, Pokémon Quest is not like any other pokémon game you've seen before. Find pokémon, create new teams from pokémon and explore the island. You will have an unforgettable adventure with your friends. But be careful because you can get unknown pokémon!

Great guide to Pokémon Quest

To break out into the leaders in the tactical role-playing game Pokemon Quest, gamers will have to learn how to cook: during the expeditions they have to collect the ingredients, mix them and create different dishes from them. Each recipe attracts a certain kind of Pokemon, so to get at some point a pocket monster, you'll have to learn their culinary preferences. In this brief guide we list the main recipes.

How to cook?

When the Pokémon explore the surrounding world and go on expeditions, they can find different ingredients. After returning to the base, you can throw them into the pot and try and cook various dishes with trial and error.

When the next dish turns out, its recipe falls into the appropriate list. Next time, when you need to attract a particular Pokemon, you just need to choose from the list instructions for preparing the dish.

How long does the cooking process take?

The dish is prepared while pocket monsters explore the surrounding world: usually this time is equivalent to the completion of two to six expeditions. This process can be accelerated by paying 20 currency units.


Expeditions serve two purposes - to find new ingredients for dishes and get Power Stones. The island is divided into dungeons. Each of them has his own boss. In turn, the dungeons are divided into zones with the wild Pokémon and the local boss.

Expeditions consist of two components: to find and defeat the wild Pokémon and defeat the boss.

When you click on the information on the dungeon on the map, you see, firstly, its complexity. If the figure is higher than the strength of your team, then you are likely to lose. There you can see the type of bonus - which kind of Pokémon gets reinforced, fighting in this area.

And the last is a representation in the color form of those Pokémon you will meet in the dungeon. This is important for preparing a suitable team.

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