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Episode Free Passes

Episode Free Passes

Need Episode Free Passes

It is absolutely normal that you want to diversify your game with mods that can add anything: for example, a mod that can get free passes and new items, features. We have information on how you can get Episode Free Passes on this page.
Choose your story in app if you don't know what story we can choose for you. We hope you find what you need! Here are some of the most popular stories:

  1. It Starts With A Bra. On a dare, yoursexy neighbor takes your bra and you go on the war path to get it back! Who will snap first? Episode 8 available now! Please stay tuned every week for more! It Starts With A Bra.
  2. Living With My Crush. When the hot, new guy moves in with you, can you keep your cool? Living With My Crush.
  3. Glitch Girl. The mysterious villain Zero is taking over and no-obe can stop him - except you. Can you balance your love life with saving the world?
  4. Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble. Do you have what it takes to be a Bella? You will audition, sing in a riff-off, and navigate love with two Trebles!
  5. I Married A Prince  Leila is forced to marry a Prince due to a betrothal. Will they end up falling in love in this modern day fairytale?
  6. Demi Season Two. Finish an album, open for Demi, fix your love life and deal with a hot new star: yuor path to fame heats up in world Tour!
  7. Recently Royal  You are in love with two hot princes, but you can only marry one. How much fairy dust will it take to get you to choose?
  8. Vampire's Kiss  Half-vampire, half-human. Welcome nowhere but in the arms of the man whose mother you murdered.
  9. The secret of Rain  Rain Riverton has never been in love. Can Leon be the one to change that, or will her dark secret destroy everything?
  10. Cameron Dallas, Started With A Lie  You are little lie leads to the romance of a lifetime with Cameron Dallas - but also to a massive murder investigation.

In all these stories, and in General in all the stories that are available through the app Episode Choose Your Story you can get Episode Free Gems. This is just a crazy mod that will allow you to get Episode Free Gems constantly in any amount I want to say that it does not matter whether you need 10 Gems or 1000 gems - you can get Episode gems in any amount!

How to play Episode without passes?

Many players who play episode the baby project ask themselves how to play episode the baby project without passes? - I'll try to answer this question below, maybe someone will find this advice for the guide. Meanwhile, I ask you not to hesitate and give your opinion below or even share your advice: how can you get Free Passes in Episode The Baby Project.

Firstly, I want to say the game is excellent, my favorite, I've been playing for over a year now. With pleasure I read stories and worry about the characters.

The story of The Baby Project is not an isolated story in which I advise you to play, but about this in the next article.

So how to play without gems in The Baby Project is the answer: no way. To choose the answer that you like, you have to pay 10 gems or even 20 gems. Therefore, if you want to play with pleasure, you have to pay or use a guide from the official site. The minus of this method is that you have to fill out a poll in order to get free gems, sometimes I was happy to receive Free Gem without filling out a survey.

Now you know how I get Passes in The Baby Project and I hope in the comments you will share your method of obtaining Passes or any other interesting guide.

How to get Passes?

 episode free passes

I've found a few ways that give Gems works in any story.

The first way to get Gems is known, and you probably know it if you've played it at least once in Choose your Story. Every day you will receive several Gems to your account. To get Gems you don't even have to do anything.

The second way to buy Gems for real money. This option is not suitable for various reasons.

But the third option is the most interesting because it allows you to get gems to learn more visit this site.

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